Advantages of using our LED candles

A thousand candles in one

No more health & safety issues

The LED candles are safe as there are no naked flames, no heat and no dripping wax is produced.  They are therefore completely safe to use in any environment with the added bonus of reducing event and building insurance.

Cost Saving – a thousand candles in one

The LED candles can provide very large cost savings compared with burning traditional candles. Depending on usage your payback can be very short and yet they will last for many years.  For wedding venues & hotels, stately homes & castles, churches & cathedrals and other sites regularly using candles, the LED candle will save you money year after year.

Our LED lighting technology will typically last 50,000 hours. A 12″ taper candle with a single set of rechargeable batteries will last 50 hours on full brightness before needing to be recharged. The batteries can be recharged up to a 1000 times.

Traditional taper candles, burn for typically 7 hours before needing to be replaced. Therefore, the LED taper candle at full brightness is equivalent to burning around 7,000 traditional candles!

Time saving

Replacing candles, cleaning up spilt wax, lighting them and blowing them out at each event can be time consuming and a lot of work.

The LED candles simply remain in place and are controlled remotely.  Hundreds of candles can be ‘lit’ or ‘blown out’ at the touch of a button from one remote.
Our newly developed timer function allows you to program your candle to come on and off at your convenience.

Eco friendly

Burning candle wax puts carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is the main cause of climate change. LED candles are highly efficient with up to one thousand times lower carbon footprint than traditional candles.

Made in UK

The LED Candles are designed and manufactured at our premises in Devon, England, from the highest quality materials and components by our skilled team. This means a guarantee of quality and reliability, which is behind our 1-year product warranty.

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