Merry Christmas

from all of us at Candled

Create beautiful ambience with

our innovative LED technology

Create beautiful ambience with our innovative LED technology.
We’ve utilised state-of-the-art materials and components to bring our customers a safe, cost-effective and eco friendly alternative to real candles. Creating the ambience of real candlelight, with all the benefits of LED technology.


We all know the risks of using candles in the home. With Candled, there is no naked flame, no heat, no dripping wax or fire risks – making them completely safe in any environment.


Candled LED technology will typically last in excess of 50,000 hours. Our taper candles with a single set of our rechargeable batteries would be the equivalent of buying 7000 traditional taper candles!


Being environmentally friendly is always a key issue, so we’ve developed eco friendly solutions to create our beautiful candles and we always try to work with fellow eco conscious suppliers and associates.

Meticulous Design

Candled products are made using our own blend of quality real wax. Handcrafted, the crystal-clear molten pool around the wick elegantly reflects our patented life like flame.

Efficient & Precise

Atmospheric lighting is simply at the press of a button with our four unique brightness settings and two flame effect flicker rates. Both our taper and pillar candles come complete with a standard remote control. 

“The reflection of the melted wax on the pillar candle is brilliant.”

“Oh wow, just when I thought the candles could not possibly be improved upon ! The reflection of the melted wax on the pillar candle is brilliant. Love the cartridge fitting for AA batteries Thank you Justin and Mark so much. Will be ordering again soon.”

– Julie M

"Absolutely delighted"

“I bought 6 of these candles a while back and to say I am pleased with them is an understatement I am absolutely delighted with them. They are the most realistic candle, in my opinion, on the market today and I have travelled far and wide and have not seen it’s better. Well done guys from Candled you have cornered the market with this one and I wish you all the best going from strength to strength. I visited the Beauty and the Beast Castle at Disney and your candles would look fabulous there as theirs are not a patch on yours ……. thank you again for mine ….. love them.”

– Elaine B


“The Candled candles look breathtaking in Powderham’s Music room! We have been researching LED candles for some time, in the US and Europe, and these are by far the classiest, most realistic fire safe alternatives we have seen. The sadness of not being able to allow candles following a couple small fires is gone now and the room is back to having the look and more importantly, the candlelit feel for which it was originally designed.”

– AJ Courtenay (Countess of Devon) Creative Director, Powderham Castle