Standard Remote Control


Lost your remote?

All our realistic candles inc their own standard remote control but if you need a replacement you can order more.

A slimline standard pocket remote control with an approximate 10 meter range, 4 brightness settings, a timer function and flicker rate options.
(CR2025 3v battery included

For use with all our luxury led candles



I am extremely happy with my purchase of two beautiful Candled candles. I have them on a timer and the minute we have finished working from our home office and we enter our living room the candles welcome us with their warm glow. You can even set the flame to a flickering setting which just makes them look so real. I would highly recommend investing in at least two and use the timers. Easy to use and a real added Feng Shui feature to our cosy home. Your home has to be a place where you can feel at peace and relax. – Google Review

Our REPLACEMENT Standard Remote Control has an approximate range of 10 meters in low light conditions, and 1 meter in bright sunlight conditions. One remote control operates as many candles as you wish within this range. The remote control works using infra-red and therefore is directional, Just like the remote for your TV.

Features include: 4 brightness settings, 2 flicker rates – allowing you to set the mood of any location down to the finest flicker.

Unique timer functions:

  • A choice of a 4, 6 or 8 hour timer – this will simply switch off the candle when the selected time is up.
  • A choice of a 4, 6 or 8 hour timer with a 24hr repeat cycle – this features will programme your candle to automatically switch on at whatever time you specify (for however long you’ve specified) day after day, until you cancel the timer or your batteries drain.

For use with all our luxury led candles



Remote control with 12 buttons 38KHz 940nm IR LED. Runs on a single CR2025 3v lithium coin cell (included).

Size: 85mm (l) x 39mm (w) x 5mm (h)
Weight: 14g