High Power Commercial Remote Control


High Power Commercial Remote Control with a 10 to 50 Meter Range, 4 brightness settings, a timer function and flicker rate options

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We have designed and developed our own high powered remote control ideal for chandeliers in tall buildings or large rooms with lots of candles in.. One remote control can operate up to as many candles as you want. The remote control works using infra-red and therefore is directional, Just like the remote for your TV. Our remote control will turn a quantity of our LED candles on together and the range of the infra-red is from 10-50 metres.

FEATURES INCLUDE: Use this remote to control your LED candles 24-hour timer settings, so can each or every candle can be programmed to come on and switch off at a desired time each day. Select 1 of the 4 brightness settings and 1 of the 2 flicker rates of your LED candles to suit any mood or location.


Remote control with 9 buttons 38KHz 940nm IR LED Runs on a single PP3 battery, not included.

Size: 147mm(l) x 88mm (w) x 25mm (h)
Weight: 140g