cows in a field


Here at candled it’s sure been a productive springtime for us, but there’s always time for a quick coffee break. . .  and stepping into the yard outside our premises – we are not the only ones who are busy.The resident house martins have returned – gathering ‘beakfuls’ of mud to make the necessary repairs to their nests!

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Countryside walk

And, what with summer now right around the corner, the candy floss of flowers along the Devon country lanes are also busy – making the drive to work quite spectacular.

As if we weren’t spoilt enough, much to everyone delight, all around the Candled premises, local Tamar Valley famers’ attentions are turned to their re-wilding schemes. Their efforts to restore British wildflower, boost insect and bird populations are now well underway.

Of course, lucky as we are to live and work in such a nature rich environment, it also keeps ever in our mind the need to ensure our luxury LED candles are produced, and supplied to you, with as little cost to environment as possible.


Firstly, rest assured, in purchasing one of our LED candles you’ve already made an eco-friendly choice.

Why? Well, as much as we all love the flicker of natural candlelight, when using paraffin wax candles, you’re are essentially burning fossil fuels. What’s more, over the course of its lifetime, not only will our LED candle last for the equivalent amount of time it would take to burn up 7000 tradition candles, but also, its carbon footprint is a thousand times less (that is a lot of candle lit meals). Plus, we’d like to think, you won’t be able to tell the difference anyway!

And in the spirit of environmental concerns (no matter how small), it’s worth mentioning what with the BBQ season now underway, lighting up your garden with one of our LED candles will not result in a horrible end to a moth’s life either!

Sustainability and Eco-friendly

But seriously, however and wherever you choose to enjoy our realistic candlelight, our handcrafted candles are not designed for short lived pleasures. From stainless steel springs to brass inner tubes – quality materials and careful craftsmanship, combine to create the perfect recipe for a long-lasting relationship with your mesmerising LED candle.

For us here at candled, sustainability is not just about the materials we source, but also about providing our customer with a product which last beyond their expectations. Which is why (perish the thought you should every damage the wax exterior of your candle) we also offer a re-waxing service.

We want your candle to be improving the mood of your house for years to come, not become another victim of the dreaded landfill!

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Eco friendly packaging


Now down to the serious business of what’s going on in our packing room. We have got your candle covered – in CORNSTARCH!

A great replacement for those annoying polystyrene peanuts – goodbye static electric balls stuck to furniture, hello compost bin! 100% biodegradable and water soluble. These can be put into your food waste or green bin, or in your own garden’s compost if you choose.

No plastic packaging

Eliminating as much plastic from our packing has been our goal. We use recycled card and cotton bags for the remote controls; our packing is all recyclable and always under review for further improvements.

If you have any suggestions or feedback,

we’d love to hear from you.