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After a hard day, for me, there is nothing better than pouring a glass of wine and dimming the lights or lighting a candle to help relax and unwind. And although there is no denying the wonder and beauty of a burning candle – the ambient light, the flicker, the aroma – flameless candles are a safer alternative if you are concerned about leaving a candle burning.

Candled LED candles on table decorations   

A flameless candle? I’m sure like me, many of you are asking this question. How can a flameless candle replace the real thing? Well after a few weeks of using one of Candled’s luxury LED candles, I am totally hooked.

Almost every night, as the evening draws in, I switch on the candle with the handy little remote control that comes with it. The candle has now worked its way to the centre of the room as a main focal point. I kid you not, it looks like a real candle! The candle creates a wonderful atmospheric warm fire glow virtually identical to a real candle. It’s so realistic that I asked my father in law to blow it out and he huffed and puffed for ages looking very puzzled…Hilarious!

“This really is a fantastic quality product made to last, eco-friendly whilst creating a safe and relaxing environment”

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