Dreamscene Dinners is an exclusive and luxurious styled dining experience like no other! Based in Townsville in Australia.

This exciting new concept is changing the way we celebrate with friends, family and colleagues, and is turning special occasions into intimate and meaningful gatherings that no one will forget. Regular everyday spaces are transformed into lavishly decorated tablescapes and guests are treated to an exquisite 3-course meal prepared by onsite chefs from award-winning ‘Michel’s Restaurant’. Everything is taken care of, from the furniture, dinnerware, decorations and food and of course includes all the cleaning up so that you and your guests can enjoy yourselves.


Sarah describes herself as an Event Decorator, Stylist & Mum on her Instagram page Dreamscene Events


“I finally found the perfect LED candle that gives just the right amount of glow, isn’t orange, and flickers like a real candle instead of blinking. But most importantly, I have peace of mind knowing that I can walk away knowing they are 100% safe!! We live in a Breezy city so I am so grateful I can still offer Open-air candlelit dinners and dinners inside tents for my client without them blowing out or spilling wax everywhere. But as an added bonus they are the only candles I have found that can trick a camera lens at night and show up looking like a real candle on camera!. I am forever grateful for coming across Candled during a late night google surfing safari and don’t know what I would do without them.”

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Dreamscene DreamsceneDreamscene Dreamscene