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5 Good reasons to buy our realistic candles

Candled is closest to the real thing, Good for the environment, Cost Effective, Safe & Made in Britain.

How is Candled helping?

Firstly, our LED candle lifetime is equivalent to burning 7,000 traditional candles with a CO2 footprint a thousand times less.  The materials are 95% recyclable and conform to RoHS standards and regulations which stipulates no harmful materials can be used. See link for more details

Led candle in bedroomAre burning real candles bad for your Health?

Candled have Zero carbon emissions compared to a real candle that gives off, as there’s no heat, flame or smoke.

Burning a paraffin candle for one hour will release about 10 grams of carbon dioxide, you may be wandering what this actually means? Worth reading this article from

Who say .. “It’s a good idea to minimise the amount of smoke you breathe in by lighting your candles in a well-ventilated room and keeping them away from drafts that can increase the amount of smoke they release. Leading to breathing in harmful potentially dangerous chemicals”. When put like that, I think we all agree that led candles are the better choic

An interesting article we found how having a romantic real candlelit dinner is essentially slowly ruining the environment and could lead to having health concerns! It turns out that real candles give off toxins linked to cancer, asthma and eczema. Surprising when you think about it, nobody would know. Maybe worth thinking twice before lighting a candle.


Worth reading our article in a previous post about how London firefighters are urging people to use LED lights rather than real candles during celebrations due to so many fires accidentally starting.

Another story which we wrote about previously.. See link That a gentleman burnt candles every night in memorial of his late wife, the continuous burning of traditional candles had cost him £400 over the course of one year and a very black ceiling! He obviously didn’t know the harm he was causing the environment or himself. He was very happy to find a healthy, cost effective alternative, our beautiful safe candles.

Candled’s other eco-friendly feature is our use of LED lighting technology. Candled LED light and electronic components should last for more than 10 years.

What is LED technology?

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Using Environment friendly LED’s to make a lifelike flame effect

Well without sounding to “techy” they stand for Light-emitting diodes. They use less power and need less energy than other types of lighting.

Which batteries are better?

We do often get asked about batteries, and always recommend using rechargeable batteries as they are considered environmentally friendly, meaning people buy less standard batteries and reducing to landfill which is a lot more cost effective. Win Win situation.Of course, you can pop them in your recycling box when eventually (approx. 2-7 years) they need replacing. With the added feel good that of helping the environment. .

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Use re-chargeable batteries to help the Environment

When you think about it, you’d be constantly throwing batteries away every week! if you didn’t have rechargeable, so its worth spending that little bit extra and investing in a recommended charger and the correct batteries. For help choosing batteries and chargers click on this link…

A Candle to keep

We have a recycle or rewax policy which means that we recycle all the unused wax that makes the candles to make new ones or if a customer returns their candled with any cosmetic repair needed, we rewax it for a small fee and post it back as good as new!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about candled and how we help the environment, please feel free to comment or send us an email if you’d like to discuss anything else,

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