Hi, I am Carolyn, certified KonMari Consultant and THE EXPERT in the field of tidying up in and around your home. 
Your house can also look beautiful. It is my mission to help people to create peace and space out of their chaos so that they can relax and focus on what matters without being distracted by clutter.



Feng Shui for the Home

Using Feng shui in your home will make sure everything is aligned and the energy will flow effortlessly.This is your ultimate goal to create a home where all feel happy and the home vitalises rather than depletes its inhabitants.

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy used for thousands of years by masters who believed that everything in the world is connected with each other and vibrates at a certain frequency. The vibrating flow of energy is called Qi (chi) and works in an optimal way if the 5 elements of nature, yin and yang and the seasons are incorporated into our homes and surroundings. All the elements should compliment each other and blend in with soft colour tones that reflect your soul.

The 5 Elements

By introducing the 5 elements (water, earth, fire, wood and metal) in combination with Yin (female energy) and Yang (male energy) our lives will be more balanced and therefor happier too.

The 5 elements can be brought into the home using different natural materials such as furniture (wood) mirrors (water and metal), plants & ceramics (earth) and candles (fire).


led candle in lantern

candled and Feng Shui

Candles bring warmth especially during the winter season

I would highly recommend the beautiful natural looking candles from Candled as their glow can be adjusted and the timer can be set so they glow as soon as you close the door of your home office and walk into the living room”.

A warm cosy atmosphere in a room lit up by candles relaxes the senses immediately, even more so of course if the home and room have good Feng Shui. 

Carolyn xox

ps. Good Feng Shui can also affect your health, wealth and relationships in a positive beautiful way, I suggest you become curious about the benefits it can bring you.

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HappiNest Podcast

Carolyn’s podcast link is on her website (see link above)

I will be talking about everything I know about how to create a beautiful cosy home and will be covering topics such as: Feng Shui, the KonMari Method™️, organising, tidying tricks and hacks, happy and easy living, personal growth and development and share with you how you can also begin to implement this knowledge. I will also invite special guest speakers and talk to them about their journey. 

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