It certainly fills us here at Candled with pride to see our candles decorating some of England’s finest halls!
Not to mention the journey we’ve embarked on with Princess Yachts.

candled led candles at the national trust site saltram houseIt’s exciting stuff… But we also love to hear your more personal stories. A source of light, inseparable from ceremony and celebration, candles have been with us for over 5000 years, and what a privilege it is to hear how our LED candles are changing your own special ceremonies.

A particularly touching story one customer shared with us, comes to mind: in memorial to his late wife, this gentleman would light a selection of candles for her every evening.

However, faced with an eventual build-up of sooty black marks from the candle’s smoke, his wall and ceiling became an eye sore. Seeking alternatives, he came to Candled. The fact that he felt our candles were worthy to stand in place of the real thing was a huge compliment to us.
Going further, he explained how he had not only paid £150 to get his apartment cleaned, but how the continuous burning of traditional candles had cost him £400 over the course of one year. So, understandably, he was happy to find a cleaner, cheaper and safer alternative and we were thrilled to provide it.


Of course, everyone at candled loves real candlelight. Our ability to emulate it, as true to life as possible, has meant thousands of our customers could make a fire safe choice.

However, we never thought we be in the business of burglary prevention!

That is until one customer enlightened us as to how useful the timer function on our candles can be. Before going away on holiday, he always sets the timer on his remote, programming the candle to switch on every evening for 4 hours. Catching a glimpse of candlelight flickering away behind a curtain: a sure-fire sign someone home! – glad we can help bring a little extra peace of mind.
We love to hear your stories, so please keep them coming.